Push Button project Belgium.

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Push Button project Belgium.

Inläggav Detomjo » 21 06 08, 13:16

Hello, I guess something went wrong with the other thread. If that is the case, admin, please delete the other thread.

So, my name is Jochen and I am from Belgium. In May 2018 I had the opportunity to buy a De Tomaso Pantera Push Button built in January 1971. It has number #1239.

First picture is how I bought it. With broken engine, no brakes, no air conditioning and steel wheels.
Second picture of the engine.
Since then I have started restoring and improving the car and I hope to have it painted this year. Third picture on the rotisserie.
My great inspiration, I love the look of that Pantera, is Kristian (Push1267), with his green metallic and 17" single slot replica's.

Greetings, Jochen
Caretaker of #1239
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